Post date: Jan 24, 2014 1:02:30 AM

Is YOLO good advice or bad advice? I think YOLO is both good advice and bad advice, it only depends on how you use it. For example: YOLO is not good advice if people say "I'm going to jump off a cliff because YOLO". Well, guess what. That's not a good reason because YOLO means you only live once and if your going to kill yourself buy jumping off a cliff then your ending your life. YOLO doesn't mean you live twice, so why would you end your life by jumping off a cliff? That was just one example but there are a lot more. Think about it. If you are going to use YOLO as a motivation to do something bad, then the thing you did will not leave a very good reputation or your self. Also, people use YOLO as "do whatever you want because YOLO", and that's okay, as long as you dont go over the line. Don't do something that you wouldn't do in the first place. YOLO can lead to peer pressure too. Your friends can tell you to do something bad and their reasoning will be YOLO, but if it's not right, don't do it. I just gave reasons why YOLO is bad advice, but YOLO can also be good advice. If you use YOLO in a good way then it can be good advice, but if you use in the wrong way, then it's not good advice and it will be turned into bad advice. You just have to put YOLO in a positive way and it will be from bad advice to good advice. I hope this post made sense because I have a feeling it doesn't.