Ice Cream

Post date: Mar 18, 2014 1:45:13 AM

Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog and this week's topic is.... ICE CREAM! Who doesn't like ice cream? I love ice cream. Lately, my favourite ice cream flavor has been Mint Chocolate Chip. It is just AMAZING. I like other flavors too but this one is my favourite. I'm pretty sure a lot of you like Cookies and Cream ice cream and that is also one of my top ice cream flavors. Raspberry Cheesecake ice cream and Cotton Candy ice cream is also very good, so if you haven't tried those then I think you should. We all have different tastes in food and desserts so I want to know what your favourite ice cream flavor is and you can tell me by writing in the comments. Please answer the questions in my other blog posts too if you haven't already answered them and come back next week for more!

~ Thanks for reading