Whats in the Box ? ( Ps4 )

Post date: Mar 3, 2014 1:46:36 AM

If you got a Ps4 than you are bringing to your house more than just a cool black console . In additional you get a charging cable that charges the controller , HDMI cable , ear-bud and microphone

combo and power cord . If you bought an extra controller , on the side , it won't come with another charging cable so better not lose your first one . Also remember that I said ear-bud not ear-buds , so that means on for one ear not both ears . If you want you can buy a PlayStation 4 eye camera that's sold separately . The box is white and blue , the front cover has a Ps4 sytem and controller on it ! On the back there is some animate gamer and little description and so on . So I hope you liked my topic for today and I hope you read this every week. . Thanks !