Rob Fords Life!

Post date: Jan 13, 2014 1:51:07 AM

Before We Start:

Rob Ford’s Life. . We are going to be talking about drugs and before we start I am going to share a little info about Rob Ford's life .

Rob Ford was borned on May 28, 1969 and was borned in Etobicoke . Right now Rob Ford is 44 years old. Rob Ford has 1 sister and 2 brother , Randy Ford ( passed away 2006 , at age of 73), Doug Ford Jr ( 49 years old) and Kathy Ford ( shot died at age of 18). Rob Ford parents are Doug Ford and Ruth Diane Ford . Rob Ford has two kids one daughter Stephanie Ford and one son Doug Ford. Where did Rob Ford get his education from ? Rob Ford got his education from Carleton University and Scarlett Heights Entrepreneurial Academy. Rob Ford is a Canadian Politician. The most popular Mayor of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Some things that Rob Ford did to become a good mayor are to be nice and respect each other. That's all about Rob Ford`s personal life.. Drugs:

Before we get in to this topic lets review , what drugs means? Drug = substance that is used for medicine or some time people use it for bad things and now lets head to a simple question. Is Rob Ford doing drugs? Well I news it says that rob ford is taking smoking crack and that means cocaine . The police found drugs , but not only that and himself agreed that is taking drugs. Even in the news it says that he is having really hard time(struggling) with alcohol abuse . Not only Rob Ford was alcoholic his sister Kathy Ford was a big time drug attic. So that means it started from her sister and carried on . Never know it can come to it’s kids and maybe they can become like Rob Ford. Never know! Daughter: Stephanie Ford and Son: Doug Ford. Last but not least his friends on Patrick day took drugs and then Rob Ford got that weird virus that people like it by the taste (Hmm pizza taste delicious and now I will eat it every day) . When he agreed in the video below he was very sorry that he bought drugs . I think Rob Ford doesn't care because Rob Ford should go to the doctor and ask if there is anything that can stop this from making this happen. If Rob Ford stops taking drugs he can eventually come a better mayor than usual . That's how Rob Ford took drugs and should stop taking drugs . Never know what can happen next. Thanks for reading my blog hope you look at the videos below