Ps4 - Software

Post date: Feb 9, 2014 4:11:19 PM

The Ps4 runs an operating system called "Orbis OS ." Which can be a modified version of the FreeBSD 9.0 operating system . Although the Ps4 does not require internet to function , but if you want to play multi player then you would need internet ! PlayStation network as called PSN allows to access different kinds of online services . Not only that but it also includes Ps store , music unlimited and video unlimited ! Unlike Ps3 a PlayStation Plus subscription needs or requires internet ! Ps4 software version 1.60 and was released on Feb 4 , 2014

and the updates or add on are you can now mute the mic for PlayStation Camera . Wireless stereo headsets are now supported . I hope there are more software updates and I hope they come soon as possilbe and always better than last time . Thanks for reading my awesome blog and I hope you stay tuned !