#9- The week is Bully Awareness Week

Post date: Nov 27, 2013 3:31:38 PM

People are often bullied because they are seen as being different.Think about this way. Do you think by calling the same names and wearing the same clothes would look good, it would just be awkward it would look like there is dogs just wearing the same stuff. So people are changing there styles up and changing their ideas.For the people out there would start bullying you and make jokes about but no everyone would stand up because you are wearing the same clothes so the bully will be scared and he will stop bullying you. So sometimes wearing only clothes is sometimes bad and sometimes good depends. What’s different about you? The one thing or many things(Some people may have some of my stuff like color etc) are my name,color,hair,feet,body,nose,mouth,lip,muscles,eyes and so on.Would you be the same without that difference? No I would not be the same I will be treated a different way.Thanks for listening