#8- BYOD

Post date: Nov 13, 2013 3:41:03 PM

Byod! How do you think BYOD is going to change how you do things at school and at home? Do you think there is anything bad about BYOD? The first thing that I want to say is that Bring your own device refers to the policy of permitting students and e.t.c to bring personally owned mobile devices to their workplace or school, and use those devices to access privileged school information and applications (BYOD can be laptops, Pads and Phones). I want to say that it changes somethings in school because it helps you type faster than usually and it can give you information for class times and last but no least it can it does not waste paper in class in year you waste about 10,000 pages or maybe more if you re in grad 6 and higher. At home it is easy to because you can work with a friend and that is so easy by going to other friends houses trust me I have exprience. Something bad about BYOD is that if you are attached with the device your eyes are going to get week,(week) that happend to me and I may have to get glasses.