#17 - BYOD Rules

Post date: Feb 2, 2014 1:39:29 AM

What should the BYOD rules be ? Well there are lots of BYOD rules , so I am going to list some BYOD and these rules are going to be better than the Peel School Board so you better listen ! Not only I am going to give rules , I am going to write

  1. Can be used in class when ever needed because than you don't have to go after the teacher and say " can I please use my BYOD device for .....
  2. The second most important rule is that you can't bring a laptop because it is really big , but only you can bring net-books .
  3. Third rule : No Facebook , Twitter , Instagram and other social networks because students and teachers may be on social networks 247
  4. RTMS is not responsible for broken or stolen
  5. Not allowed to play games

These are the most important rules and but there are more rules that Peel School Board .

When and What !

You can only use it when it is work time and not at lunch time !

The basic consequences is getting dentition and parents getting a CALL !