#16 -Am I Scared ??

Post date: Jan 22, 2014 3:09:49 AM

Well for me there is quiet lot's of stuff that I am scared and the two top one's that I am going to share with you are Black Cats and about Strangers. So why am I scared with black cats well , once upon a time my friend and me were taking a walk a night around 8:30 pm and after 1 mile we saw a black fat cat walking across the road and it wasn't only one any road and direction . It was

going in zig- zah and it was on my and my friends street and the very next day at 2:15 pm. Suddenly a girl comes up with black clothes and with a cat sound squeak. Then she said did you see a black cat going through this street and she was going zig-zah . After that me and me and my friend made up that black are bad luck for a week . What would it take me to do this? Well it well take same braveness and try it without bad luck . The End .

For my second story I was walking to the Library to do a project . What I had with me was School bag and a Iphone 5c . On the Iphone I was listening to a bunch of songs and not aloud I had ear phones . So I before I start I looked up and I read that it was 2 miles away . So I brought some money because just in case I get hungry ( winter ) . Then I bundled up and went . In my journey this guy started following me . After a while I felt someone touching my back and after

that moment I took off my ear phones and I actually scared . So I went to Sobyes in my way to by some snacks . He still followed me there and when I was at the place where I had to pay not only was he looking at me he was looking at my wallet . Suddenly when I got out I started running until I reached and he still walked. When I got into the Library I sat down but that random ( ? ) came , some how . After that my parents took me from the library when I was done my work. That is my wonderful story. What would it take me to do this ? Well what I would need is strength and if I had it I would literally stand up to him and say " Excuse me but where are you going right now and why are you following ." The End . Thanks .