#15 - Winter Break !_!

Post date: Jan 16, 2014 11:45:36 AM

So the most weird thing I've done is stay home and watch TV, sleep, eat,drink and go to the washroom. Why did I do this? Well I had nothing to do because my dad went to Pakistan and I couldn't go anywhere! So I had to stay home do work not work , lazy work. The one fun thing I got before my dad left was a Sony Vaio laptop and a Iphone 5 s you might be wondering I had a Iphone 5 c and now he has 5 s is because I thought that it looked weird and was a total copy of Iphone 5 s. Last bu not least I got a new head set of Ps3 , even Ps3 controller, new games and a new book to read to my self. Thanks For listening. I hope you look at my other blogs coming soon......

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