# 12 - Christmas - Wish List

Post date: Dec 18, 2013 2:35:36 AM

Make your own personal Christmas (holiday) wish list.So Santa if you want to make me happy than you would have to get me these stuff:

Want a Ps4 shining

Make a wish or poof Ms. Trans brain so she can give me straight A's on my Report Card for the rest of grade 6

Want a better TV because I have this old model TV so I just want a Sony TV

The last thing I want is to be me So the things I would buy for my family are:For my dad is a Tool Box - Approximately $15- $20For my mom I would buy a Pan - Approximately $15 For my sister I would buy a necklace -Approximately $20For my brother a PS3 remote so he can play with me -Approximately $25Total: Approximately $75

For my Teacher I would buy chocolates

Total : $90

I think I it is reasonable because I am buying for 5 people and I saved some money.It is a reasonable because it is a not to high and not to low.