#10- What’s in a name

Post date: Dec 3, 2013 8:55:13 PM

What’s in a name?In a name is a meaning of you and it describe or maybe not. Do you know the meaning of your name? My name is "Shahroz" it means shining river or gold river. Some Proof from the internet is a Urdu name it means "king of day" and there is an other meaning of this name is "a great river" . Do you think it suits you? Yes my name suites me because "S" Stands for Strong, "H" stands for hot, "A" stands for awesome, "H" stands for hippo, "R" stands for rose, "O" stands for original and last but not least "Z" stands for Zoom(Speed). My name suits me because I act the way my name was given. Would you have chosen a different name for yourself? No or yes, no because I was given the name by my dad and the last name by my dad and maybe I may want to add a middle name. Yes because a girls name is connected and the name is shahrozee and all you have to do to my name is add 2 "E's". So I just want to change my name to Mohammed,Ibrham and or Abdullah and there is a 15% changing my name. Thanks for listing RTMS.