New 2014 Toyota Corolla ( Re-designed )

Post date: Apr 14, 2014 10:43:40 PM

Hello, 61 and others today I am going to be talking about the new ( well not that new anymore ) redesigned 2014 Toyota Corolla. Now I am a little late on this, and I know I am, But I am doing the review now so lets begin!

Here's what were talking about-

Okay,, the new corolla is starting at 15 thousand dollars. It is fuel efficiency. This car goes, every 5.7 liters fills up to 100 km. This means filling 17 liters is about 300 km.

It's tested time to 0-60 km is 11.79 sec, pretty good for a corolla.

Here is a quick little video.

This is a commercial for the New 2014 Toyota Corolla

There are 4 models to this car CE, , LE, S, LE ECO.

( FROM THIS 1990 ) TO THIS! ( 2014 )