My 1st Car Blog!

Post date: Feb 8, 2014 11:22:01 PM

Hello class as you may know my name is Ossaid and today I have just started my 1st blog about cars. For this blog I am going aout the new Toyota 2014 Highlander following by that I am going to tell everyone why this blog is the "most recommended" ( because everyone blog is good. )

Okay lets get started with the better than ever Toyota Highlander (2014), so I know some of you will think I am lame because I am talking about a Toyota and some of you will probably say "OH MY GOD WHERE'S THE BUGATTI, LAMBORGHINI, CARS" Well I am not talking about thoughs high exotic cars yet I am going to be thinking open minded world wide about cars. Anyway lets get back to "The All New Toyota Highlander". The Toyota Highlander, with a new v6 engine and having 270 horsepower but you can get a v4 engine with only 187 hp. But I am going to be talking about the v6 that is the limited model. The new highlander is just staring at $31 k or grand. Which I think is "expensiveish" but it does have a lot of feutures so you are putting your money in good use. You are also getting 7 standard airbags in this car. The Highlander is coming in 8 colours.

, There are 2nd and 3rd row seats for this big car, Toyota stated as there words for the highlander they want to make it more "Manly" and want it to appeal to a "man" more.. The performance of this vehicle is amazing its included that it has down hill and up hill control. This blog is recommended because these blogs I am doing is open minded to the world, what this means is I not talking about Bugatti's and Lamborghini's, Ferraris I am talking about though's real life cars "you know the ones you see everyday " learn about the cars you see everyday I mean seriously "WHO HERE SEE'S A BUGATTI AND LAMBORGHINI EVERYDAY.