How B.Y.O.D is affecting home and school.

Post date: Nov 13, 2013 3:41:05 PM

I think B.Y.O.D is affecting us by, making us better students, in school your not allowed to go into Un-

ecessary content and that will help at home , so we don't waste time in our lives, as some say " YOLO " right ( You only Live Once..)

It is also a good source of socializing with your friends, but you need too be careful with how you use your socializing,

because, Now in this world their is something called "cyber bullying " witch is a big part of internet.

This reminds me of this girl named " Amanda Todd " some kids in her school sent inappropriate emails and messages and then she took her life cause of that.

Therefore I think that is how B.Y.OD is affecting us.