Post date: Nov 26, 2013 10:40:34 PM

Hi my name is Ossaid and im going to be informing everyone about blog number 9. Lets get started with the question"Is it good to be different" My Answer is yes it is awesome to be different

the reason I say this is because If there was a world where everyone was the good same person who is just like a normal human being get happy sometimes and angry sometimes then alot of people who always are happy and stay like that are going to change and people who have Anger Issues, Will change, well that will be better but you get my point. Prisons, will be gone because

There will be no more bad people and so on.

Question 2: Whats Different about me, I think whats different about me is that I like playing Missions On games before starting Free Play, Like GTA 4 and 5 and COD, WWE I play missions first and then free play.

Question 3: No I would not be the same without video games because I like to play Video games.