First Half Of 2nd Round

Post date: May 14, 2014 9:44:40 PM

If you read my first blog on the playoffs, you would know that I was totally off with the finalists of the Stanley Cup. Just to let you know, I have an excuse, when doing the bracket challenge on the NHL site (try it), I was following the standings to show who would win. Now that I know the standings has nothing to do with the playoffs, I say the finalists will either be Chicago and Boston or Chicago and Montreal. Something new I am starting is that I will give props to the best player and goalie of each series and some times even the best team of the round so far so here are the final scores of the first 2 series that are already done-

Chicago vs. Minnesota

Game 1= 5-2 Chicago

= 4-1 Chicago

= 4-0 Minnesota

= 4-2 Minnesota

= 2-1 Chicago

= 2-1 Chicago

Winner- Chicago

Player Props- Patrick Kane

Goalie Props- Corey Crawford

New York Rangers vs. Pittsburgh

Game 1= 3-2 New York

= 3-0 Pittsburgh

= 2-0 Pittsburgh

= 4-2 Pittsburgh

= 5-1 New York

= 3-1 New York = 2-1 New York

New York

Player Props- St. Louis

Goalie Props- Henrik Lundqvist

So there it is, the winners and the best of the best. I still need to give a shout out to St. Louis for keeping his head in the game even after his mother died during the series. Also Henrik Lundqvist for being one of the best goalies I have seen. So.....SEE YA!!!