2016-2017 Blogs

Here are the blogs for the class. Check out the amazing range of topics and writing we have here. Don't forget to leave comments for people on their blog posts too!

Link your blog from your portfolio website here. Remember to include your PC#, your name, and in the description, put the title of your blog!

01TareqA61 — here are blog posts

02 shatha — My personality

03 ZaaraA — Random things such as cool facts,DIYS etc

05 Sahijb — Hockey

06 AbhiB — MARVEL

07Atiya61 — Animals

09 Alij — The fastest man alive! (flash)

10 AryanaJ — My Lifestyle, Me and Things/People I truly love!!!!<3 Please Visit <3

11 KaelenJ — In these blogs I will be talking about sports

14 HarisK — All about Space and Science!

15 MustafaK — Velociraptors playing basketball!

16 ZainabM — Something made with music, but in a different language, that might just get you pumped up....

17AdamM — The NBA [Current and Historic]

18 keoniP

19 SaahirS — Achievements!

20 WareeshaS — DIYing And Life Hacking With Wareesha!

21 AnishaT — Festivals and Celebrations

22 AleenaU — The News Reporter

23 paris — life under the sea

8 LaraibF — random stuff and my reviews about some movies!