Curriculum Overview

Gr. 6 Language Arts

(Oral Communication, Reading, Writing, Media Literacy)

Throughout the year, students will work collaboratively to co-create success criteria to describe how they know they've met a learning goal. We'll be using Google Classroom & our Google Drive to share and celebrate our learning.


Gr. 6 Social Studies

Stay tuned for Learning Goals!

Term 1 Heritage & Identity: Communities in Canada, Past and Present

Term 2 People & Environments: Canada’s Interactions with the Global Community


Gr. 6 Science

Stay tuned for Learning Goals!

Term 1

Understanding Structures & Mechanisms: Flight

Understanding Earth & Space Systems: Space

Term 2

Understanding Matter & Energy: Electricity & Electrical Devices

Understanding Life Systems: Biodiversity


Grade 6 Ontario Curriculum Summary & Highlights (Includes direct links to curriculum pages)