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Monday,25th March

posted Mar 25, 2019, 11:19 AM by ShayaanA 61
  • Review notes and share class activities done each evening
  • Document questions or clarifications about your learning in your agenda to ask your teacher.
  • Check gmail daily.
LASS: Read 20 minute; complete 61 Reading Tracker
Math: Fill the Lesson 1 Patterns and Shapes form.
Play Prodigy to practise.
PHE: Take gym homes to wash weekly. ***Students MUST change at the end of gym class***
French: Share Reading Comprehension with parents

61 News(What I did today?)
Music:Practised for drum test(General)
          Learnt how to play Ukulele(Band)
French:Finished Vocabulary sheet
Math:Learnt to about patterns
IT:Made a circuit
Lass:Reading and DPA