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14 Zainab - One Direction Fans !!!

Hi my name is Zainab .I have 6 people in my family, two sisters ,one brother, me, and my parents.  My favorite subjects are science ,art, health and wellness and music.. My favorite sports are skating ,soccer and swimming and volley ball.My favorite colors are blue, purple and green .I love candy and chocolate. My favorite foods are pizza, pasta and noodles.  When I have free time I like to ride my bike, using social network and bake. My favorite singer is ONE DIRECTION.A thing I love to do is sing and listen to songs.Now you know a little about me . Thanks for visiting my blog. 

One Direction

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Hi everyone today i will talk to you about the songs that one direction have sang like kiss you. Its one of my favorite song from one Direction it's an amazing song .I love this song so much my favorite part is Nialls solo part in it, also I love the music video because its funny.Its really fun to dance to it and sing to it. I never get tired by listening to it .This song was released as their second single from take me home in the U.S on November 16 , 2012 .I love this song.My other favorite song is story of my life , Best song ever and  way more I will talk to you about them on my next few blogs.Bye for now.

One way or another

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One way or another was released on February 17,2013.It was made because this song was for charity.,It is an amazing song and the music video was funny as well. You can dance to this song and sing to it. I never get tired by listening to it and dancing to it.


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One directions song album for 2013 !!!!!

. Best Song Ever 
. Story Of My Life 
. Diana 
. Midnight Memories 
. You & I
. Don't Forget Where You Belong 
 Strong . Happily m 
. Half A Heart
. Right Now 
 .Why Don't We Go There 
. Does He Know
. Little Black Dress 
. Through The Dark 
. Something Great 
. Little White Lies
. Better Than Words
. Why Don't We Go There 
. Does He Know

These are the songs One Direction sang for 2014!!

One Direction!!

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My favorite person from one direction is Niall because ,Niall has a very good voice and he sings really nice.
And his favorite color is just like mine  this is why I like Niall................................


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You must be all wondering how one direction the band came together .Well today I am going to tell you.

So in 2008,Liam auditioned for x factor when he was 14 and he was rejected and told him to audition 2 years later. So then in 2010,Zayn, Harry, Liam, Louis and Niall all auditioned for the x factor and made it to Boot camp well after that they were rejected. Then there was this guy named Simon who put them in a boy band. After that they sung in front of the judges in the x factor. Then Harry came up with the name with ONE DIRECTION so that's how all of them are in this band.
                                 Thanks for listening.

one direction

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As you know in my last blogs posts, I was talking about all the people in the One Direction band.
But now in my other blog posts I am going to talk about there songs and their concerts their going to have and how One Direction came together as a band.


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Harry Styles!! $

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Hi everyone if your favorite guy is Harry  From One Direction here is some information about him.
. middle name is Edward
. 1 sister Gemma Styles
.He was born on February 1st 1994
.He is the youngest of them all
.Best friend is Louis a member of One Direction
.At school Harrry's nickname was Hazza
.His favorite colors  are orange and blue
.His parents were divorced when he was 7 years old
.He is 5.10 inches tall and foot size is 10
.His favorite T.V show is Family Guy
.Favorite song for all time is free falling by John Mayer   
he even likes shine on you crazy diamond .
He is in the band of One Direction
.He likes to stay fit by playing tennis and badminton if he has free time
.His first pet was a dog name Max
Well that's all for now I hope you got some information about HARRY STYLES !!!!

Zayn Malik

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Today I am going to talk about Zayn Malik. so I hope you get some information about him
. Zayn was born on January 12th 1993
. Zayn has three sisters but no brothers
.zany was born to a British Pakistani father Yaseer and an
English mother Trica Malik
.Zayn's middle name is Javadd
 .Zayn means beautiful in Arabic
. Zayn is a Muslim
. Zayn's favorite book is Harry Potter
. Zayn's favorite band for all time is NSYNC
. Zayn loves drawing when he has spare time
. Zayn's favorite food is chicken
. His favorite fast food is Mc. Donald
. He's scared of clowns
. His sister say he is very over protective 
. Zayn and his friend think imagine are wierd
. His favorite Chris Brown album is FAME
. Zayn wants to quit smoking  because he knows the fans don't like 
. Zayn mimed 'hello' through the car window to a fan and she passed out
. Zayn wanted the album to be called 'Zayn and the Boys'
. Zayn is 5'9" or 174cm
. Zayn didn't have a passport before he was in One Direction
. Zayn favorite book is  Harry Potter 
. Zayn CAN'T SWIM!
. Zayn name is actually spelt with an "i" (Zain). He reckons "Zayn" is more original and adopted it has a stage name 
. Zayn means "beautiful"in Arabic
. Zayn loves drawing
. Zayn's three favourite subjects at school were English, art and drama
. When Zayn was younger he had two cats called Lily and Lolo
. Zayn believes that two things that make the world go around are "peace and love". Wise word
. If Zayn had to wear one colour for the rest of his life it would be black
. Zayn can play a musical instrument 
. Zayn's shoe size is 8-and-half
. Zayn loves' to read

Thanks for Visiting my blog!!

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