Her Poetry

posted Jun 15, 2014, 12:29 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jun 15, 2014, 12:31 PM by Ms T Vento RTMS ]
This poem was written by me, and was dedicated to my sister.  I presented it to her on her birthday because she needed to know how much her poetry inspires me.  It portrays all of the things I've learned from, not only her poetry but from her.  She is the best, and so I wrote this for her :

She speaks
There is silence in the audience
Not a word, not even a peak
I'd tell you that she's magical 
But you'd think it's because she's blood related 
Or because she has never hated who I am 
She starts by telling us her name
Nice to meet you 
And suddenly, everyone becomes tame
Because they've heard her before and they know she's more than great
Her first sentence
Catches you, grabs you by the neck 
To tell you " Listen up man, I've got something to say "
Whether it's a reality check
Or a poem about trust
Or warning you kids that you must
Believe in what those blank minded people never believed in 
That what you do with life 
Is your decision 
She teaches you to trust your religion
And to believe in peace and harmony 
So stop what you're doing and see what I see
The power of her words 
Can change your world 
No matter who you are or who you want to be
Listening to her poetry can change you and me
Line after line 
Each time she says a rhyme 
It all makes sense in my mind
They all have so  much meaning
But what I love the most is the way she says them 
I mean you've got to give her some credit
More than 25 poems not a single stutter 
Her flouncy makes me want to be her poetry
Because it takes an artist to move a crowd 
But it takes a genius to make them scream out loud 
She ends her piece 
Therefore silence strikes once more 
No one knows if they should clap or cry like they never did before 
Because every single word she says deserves an award
Not just one from the store
But one that's carved and hand made like her poems themselves
Those poems took you somewhere else 
A place where it's okay to be yourself 
Well that's about it.  I hoped you enjoyed this poem because my sister's tears showed that she did.  If you'd like me to post more of my poems every week, then tell in the comment section below.  Plus, remember that life is nothing without a little poetry!