NO TO RACISM.!! ********************************************************************

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 "Racism", You've seen it, you've maybe done it. "Racism", you've  probably seen it on the t.v to the web on the web to even reality. 
 What is Racism?! You probably know what to think, There is a chance that when you hear the word "Racism" you likely think about
 African Americans and maybe your thinking a sentence of "Racism". For an Example say if someone said "Black people or Brown People or White people". You Probably think "That is Racist " and that is false. 

What is actually Racism?, Whats the definition? 
 Well the meaning of racism is when someone is "MAKING FUN OR DISRESPECTING A RACE, CULTURE, OR RELIGION" so if I said someones skin colour that's not racist your just describing them. If you make fun of it that's racist.  
 When did racism start?
  Racism actually started  in the beginning of time.

 Racism in Canada= Thankfully from my experience I only spotted Racism in Canada by overhearing other living human beings talk about it.                                                          
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