Curriculum Overview

Gr. 6 Language Arts

(Oral Communication, Reading, Writing, Media Literacy)

Overarching Learning Goals

(Overall Expectations)

Learning Goals (what we will learn)

Learners understand how audience and purpose dictate text form, structure and stylistic elements.

OC 1, 2

R 1,2,3

W 2,3

M 1, 2, 3

We will be able to identify and analyse a variety of text forms and structures.

We will build our understanding of the role of the audience when determining text forms.

We will investigate how purpose influences text forms.

We will be able to identify and explain the use of stylistic elements in connection to audience and purpose.

Learners are aware of how experiences and point of view influence how texts are made and interpreted.

OC 1,2

R 1,2

M 1, 2, 3

We will work to understand our own experiences and point of view and share our thinking.

We will investigate how authors of a variety of texts are influenced by their experiences and point of view.

We will learn to account for different points of view when analysing and interpreting texts and when creating our own texts.

Learners are actively engaged in metacognition (learning goals, success criteria, reflection and consolidation) to make choices that promote learning.

OC 3

R 4

W 4

M 4

We will be actively engaged in the assessment process.

We will engage with and reflect on overarching learning goals, learning goals and success criteria.

We will learn how our understanding of ourselves as learners helps us to be more effective learners.

Learners are critical consumers of media who use their analysis to inform their own creation of media forms.

OC 1, 2

R 2

W  1,2,3

M 1, 2, 3

We will understand how media is constructed and be able to identify these constructs by analysing a variety of media forms.

We will apply our understanding of media to our own media products and be able to explain and justify our decisions.

Learners can articulate their thoughts by being engaged actively in the writing process.

R 2

W 1,2,3

M 3

We will learn to organize our ideas to conform to specific forms and structures such as a news article or informational reports.

We will support our ideas with evidence from other texts.

We will use writing to demonstrate our ability to analyse texts and make connections.

We will reflect on the learning process and understand ourselves as writers.

We will engage in the stages of the writing process to brainstorm, draft, revise and edit our written work.

Throughout the year, students will work collaboratively to co-create success criteria to describe how they know they've met a learning goal. We'll be using Google Classroom & our Google Drive to share and celebrate our learning.


Gr. 6 Social Studies

Stay tuned for Learning Goals!

Term 1 Heritage & Identity: Communities in Canada, Past and Present

Term 2 People & Environments: Canada’s Interactions with the Global Community


Gr. 6 Science

Stay tuned for Learning Goals!

Term 1

Understanding Structures & Mechanisms: Flight

Understanding Earth & Space Systems: Space

Term 2

Understanding Matter & Energy: Electricity & Electrical Devices

Understanding Life Systems: Biodiversity


Grade 6 Ontario Curriculum Summary & Highlights (Includes direct links to curriculum pages)