25 Abdullah- Hi, my name is #Joker!

Hey kids, I am joker. I will tell jokes. Joker is a man-lady since he wears lipstick. I hope you guys like the blogs.
Justin Bieber is ready for jail

Ello, People

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 Hi I never saw you there,I will tell you about joker. He wears lipstick and eyeliner.  Like aren't you a guy. I get your trying to be scary but are you cereal, Lipstick. 



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Hi, I never saw you there.
Now you probably know that I am a JOKER. 
Now as we all like troll faces I will show you the best troll face ever.
No this is not jokers, it's not DERP, and it's not the troll from DORA.
 Now I know what your thinking that "Abdullah it's a soccer person". NO NO NO, it's not it's the world best TROLL FACE.
 If you enjoyed this troll face then stare into the eyes of
Try's to make a scary face, does not pass. F-

Good & Bad

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GOOD:R.Madrid take the win to go to the finals of the UCL with 4 goals against Bayern
BAD: Bayern take a loss at home 4-0 against R.Madrid
GOOD: A.Madrid take a win to enter the finals with there rivals R.Madrid
BAD:Chelsea take a 3-1 loss against A.Madrid and get kicked out of the semi-finals
GOOD:Ronaldo breaks a record of most goals scored in UCL with 16 goals

Questions You Might Say and Ask To The Teacher (part 1)

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"Can I go to the washroom"
"Can I take a drink"
"What does this mean"
"He/She is so annoying"
"Why is this like this"
"What does this mean"
"Why is this here"
"What do I do now"
"Can I please click"
"Can I please read"
"Am I in trouble"
"Oh I want some"
"Pick Me Pick Me Pick Me PICK ME"
"Why is my name there"
"Can I do it"
"I am so tired"
"Where is my test"
"I'm here"
"Do I have to"
"Ohhh Me me me me me"
"This is hard"
"This is easy"
"This is medium"
"This is so exhausting"
"I have done this"
"I can"
"What did I get"
"I want to go"
"I'm done"
"Take my agenda"
"This is so frustrating" 
"I hate this so much"
"May I please go to the office my finger is "bleeding"
"I know!!"
Now you probably saying, I'm wrong. WELL I'M NOT! Everyday I hear the same words. It's also another way to get in trouble


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Hi im troll

Good and Bad

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GOOD:Moyes got fired from the reds.Ryan Giggs will be coaching the reds.
BAD:Barca ban is over, but are looking to sign Ter Stegen (Not Reus,Gundogan,Neuer,Casillas,or Klopp)
GOOD:Since Moyes is gone, the reds have a chance for a deal with Edinson Cavani for 54 million
BAD:Bayern take a loss from R.Madrid as Pep Guardiola suffers his first loss at Santiango Bernabeu.
GOOD:Madridstas win the first leg 1-0 against FC Bayern(THE GERMAN BEASTS)WHAT WILL THE SECOND LEG BRING US?????????????

FC Bayern vs R.Madrid(Match Pre-view)

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This match was intense. REALLY INTENSE!!!!!
First goal from Benzema at the 19' minute led R.Madrid to the lead, but as Bayern kept on getting chances they kept on missing. Casillas was playing today so that one reason why R.Madrid won or else they should have won. But as Pep Guradiola was getting mad Bayern kept gaining chances. At the 90' minute, Muller would take a chance to dive in the crease for a penalty for the tie. NEW NEYMAR?????????????? Just joking no one can have better diving skills than Neymar. Today the all-star line-up was on today,Thank God!!!!!! Hope you get what I'm talking about SEE YA TOMORROW!!!!!


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Good or Bad

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BAD: Real Madrid are now 3rd

UEFALONA is back!!!

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Come on Barca. <-----Busquests got a yellow card and Sergio Ramos got a red card for this ---->

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